Our Mission & why now

“Our mission is to help HRDs become the very best you can be – individually and as a profession.”

This includes…

  • To raise the profile and the strategic and commercial contribution of HRDs.
  • For HRDs to become the most trusted adviser to your CEO.
  • For HRDs to become the highest paid CXO after the CEO.
  • “10 times in 10 years” – From 2% of CEOs being ex-HRDs in 2020 to 20% CEOs being ex- HRDs in 2030 – or sooner if we can.
  • For HRDs to deeply understand who you are, who you want to be and what does “success”* in business, in career and in life mean to you. And then to help you Find your Path to that future.

What does “success” mean to you?

After 20 years of coaching CEOs and HRDs I have yet to find two people who have the same definition of “success”. For HRD careers it can be a bigger HRD job, a better HRD job, a private equity backed equity play, part time or portfolio career including coaching, HR consulting, SME HRD, NED work or even starting their own business. And then there are aspects such as earnings, life work balance, self-actualisation, passive income, financial freedom and fulfilling their personal dream.

Answering such question are not easy and yet we know that doing so is a life changing experience. Because we are experts at exploring these topics and helping HRDs like you define whatever “success” means for you. And then helping you Find your Path to it and guiding you along that path to whatever extent you wish.

Why Now?

Our VUCA world, including the Corona Crisis, means that CEOs can longer use the phrase “People are our most important asset” as a throw away line. They have to mean it and have to make people the number focus for strategies and decisions. And HRDs are the people experts! So this is a fantastic opportunity for HRDs to put people at the heart of their organisations business strategy, to get the resources they need to do it and to grow as individuals to lead the way.

That is why we are offering the HRD PathFinder Club Silver Membership for free right now to encourage HRDs to join up, get involved and let us help you become the very best you can be.