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Disabled People’s Employment Champion: the pandemic has helped make some Welsh workplaces more accessible

James Wilkinson has extensive experience in helping disabled people access employment and is focussed on demystifying misconceptions employers have of disabled workers. Drawing on his own experiences, he has championed…
Hybrid Working

UK managers least concerned about maintaining physical office space compared to global counterparts

New research reveals that globally, managers are still reluctant to let go of the physical office, despite clear indications that remote and hybrid working are being embraced by the vast…
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Hybrid Wellness for a Hybrid Workforce

Employees are returning to workplaces that have changed forever Workplace wellness programmes must adapt to complement hybrid working patterns Care must be taken to ensure no one is left behind…
Don’t neglect older workers, urges Punter Southall Aspire CEO
Absence Management
Human Resources: Fit Notes need improving
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Britain’s Burnout Crisis: Companies risk mass exodus as more than half of young professionals feel ‘burnt out’ right now
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Aon advises UK employers of benefits, tax ramifications of employees working remotely overseas
SME considerations for recruiting diverse talent
The Omnis Announce First-Ever Winner in Global Remote Work Awards
Newton becomes first UK company to work towards GEN certification for workplace equity
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Employee Engagement levels drop by nearly two-thirds in those expecting to leave jobs within 12 months
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Will you find any missing pension treasure this weekend?