"I now want to help HRDs who are ambitious for more success."

Peter Ryding

HRD PathFinder Club

The HRD PathFinder Club is exclusively for Human Resource Directors to help you become the very best you can be, a powerful strategic contributor to your organisation and your CEO’s most trusted advisor.

Right now, ‘people’ are the single most powerful lever any leader can pull and should be at the heart of every organisation’s plans.

This is a moment of truth and a phenomenal opportunity for all Human Resource Directors to become even more influential.

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    Your own ‘mastermind’ group

    You will be part of a small group of peers matched with similar interests.

    Monthly online meetings

    Each meeting includes a blend of expert input on topics to help develop you and your
    career. Plus facilitated discussions on critical challenges you, your organisation and the profession are facing.

    Themed events/guest speakers

    Occasional events with speakers driven by members’ priorities and emerging trends.

    Free VIC – your Virtual Interactive Coach

    All members have free access to VIC your Virtual Interactive Coach, the unique E-Coaching platform that uses ground-breaking technology to upskill, coach and empower you to become the very best you can be.