The NEW Covid Winter Toolkit

The NEW Covid Winter Toolkit for all your remote employees and managers

This crisis is getting worse and if you want to support all your employees through the Covid Winter then contact us now.

The ‘VIC Covid Winter Toolkit’ has been developed using the latest McKinsey research and interviews across all sectors and is rated 9.3/10 by HRDs and employees.  

For Individuals (and their families)…

  • Insights to the human risks – isolation, mental wellbeing, morale etc 
  • Critical advice for all employees to survive and thrive the Covid Winter 
  • Key daily actions, choices and habits of success for individuals
  • Advice, content and guidelines to keep teams and meetings productive and fun  

(eg Does an out of sell by date poison become more or less toxic? Discuss!)     

  • How to keep learning to keep earning
  • The critical importance of Diversity and Inclusivity  

For manager and leaders

  • Insights to the business risks – morale, productivity, attrition etc 
  • New skills and mindsets for remote managers (eg How to build trust, inspire and manage underperformance whilst showing compassion and empathy) 
  • New daily questions for managers to ask themselves and others
  • Why candles and matches are better than carrots and sticks
  • How and why to be a dolphin not a seagull 

Critical content available 24/7 for ALL your employees delivered in a fresh and engaging way including a series of webinars by the award-winning international expert speaker Peter Ryding.

To explore which version of the VIC Covid Winter Toolkit is best for YOUR employees, simply contact us with your mobile number and we will call you straight back.  

This Tool Kit has been developed in partnership between VIC – your Virtual Interactive Coach and the HRD PathFinder Club.