S&You will focus on specialist recruitment of high calibre talent

Acorn by Synergie is launching its new brand S&You which will focus on the specialist permanent recruitment of high calibre permanent and interim talent.

Its new offering will sit alongside the UK recruiter’s existing services and follows on from its decision to rebrand as Acorn by Synergie earlier this year, further reflecting its position in the UK as part of an international group of companies offering resources management and development services in recruitment globally.

S&You will focus predominantly on permanent specialist recruitment, as a specialist team of dedicated consultants sourcing exceptional talent for businesses looking for high-level employees.


Paul Anscombe, who will be heading up the new brand, said: “The landscape for recruitment has changed significantly in the past few years, which has in turn affected the way Acorn by Synergie, as one of the leading recruiters in the UK, now operates too.”

“A lot of boundaries businesses faced previously in recruiting talent have shifted since the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, and we have been compelled to change the way we work in order to best support our highly valued clients looking to spread their search further as a result.”

“Our consultants have a genuine desire to positively shape the futures of individuals we engage with and maintain a focus on helping our clients build successful, sustainable businesses via the recruitment of exceptional talent,” Paul added.

“S&You will help us achieve this for our clients by drawing further on our position as an internationally renowned organisation with a global reach, entirely focused on the recruitment of niche and top-level talent.”

S&You will take care of Specialist Recruitment and Executive Recruitment specifically for clients operating in accountancy and finance, technology, legal, health and life sciences and other premium sectors.

The new brand will build on Acorn by Synergie’s existing relationships to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultural and hiring needs of a wide range of existing and new business clients looking for strong applicants at the top of their game professionally.


Bernard Ward, Managing Director at Acorn by Synergie, said: “The demand from our clients to support them with their executive recruitment needs has grown in recent years to the point where the work required of us has become greater than our current business model allowed.”

“We have taken the decision, therefore, to separate the work we do for clients seeking higher levels of expertise on an increasingly international scale out and deliver this area of the business under an entirely separate brand.”

Acorn by Synergie is one of the UK’s leading recruiters with a global outlook and 40 branches operating nationwide, with its own CSR and sustainability strategy in place too. It was also recently recognised for its commitment to supporting the emotional wellbeing of its employees as winner of the Wellbeing at Work title at this year’s Wales Business Awards.


Bernard added: “We know from experience that partnerships thrive on honesty and transparency, and the foundation of our success to date lies in those strong, long-lasting relationships we have worked so hard to forge over the years. The launch of S&You is yet another way we are working to maintain clarity with our highly valued clients and adapting the way we work to better suit their ever-changing needs.”

For more information on S&You and the services it provides, visit www.sandyou.co.uk


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