VIC – your Virtual Interactive Coach has been named the winner of two prestigious Learning Excellence Awards 2021.

The company’s AI coaching tool, which runs alongside it’s free support and development programme for HR Directors, blew judges away in the IT and Technology Learning Excellence Award, with awards judges saying:

“VIC is so technologically advanced that even tech companies find it cool. It’s the best combination of learning technologies ever seen and is rated 10/10 for ease of use and 10/10 for business impact.

“Psych-Tech” A.I. and “1-Clickology” underpin the ground-breaking Emulated Coaching and integrated Agile Talent Development offering. VIC has transformed E-Learning into a practical and proven productivity tool that delivers 5-8% performance improvement and a strong ROI. VIC is revolutionizing learning, coaching and the role of L&D.”

VIC was the first AI coaching tool to market and is continuing to invest in in AI technology – and unlike other AI coaching providers, VIC has multi-award-winning CEO coach Peter Ryding at the helm.  A former blue -chip CEO who later progressed to supporting other businesses with his business turnaround and coaching skills, Peter’s expertise across all sizes of business has left him with a good understanding of the skills businesses need to thrive – and importantly, how AI technology can work hand in hand with people.  VIC is, essentially, like having Peter’s leadership experience and knowledge in your pocket and his voice in your ear.

Peter explains:

“Boardrooms don’t make businesses thrive, people and skills do.  My successful turnaround CEO career was based on developing and upskilling people – leaving the business able to thrive without me.  I know first-hand the soft skills that people need to do this.  Working with some of the best AI developers has enabled VIC to develop and nurture these skills in others in a way that feels natural and easy to put into practice. 

“My goal was to create the technology to cultivate soft skills through coaching, making board-level coaching more affordable and accessible to an entire organisation rather than exclusively for the boardroom.  VIC is the result of over 10 years of collaboration with HR, technology and L&D experts.”

Later in the evening, VIC learned they had also won the hotly contested Mobile Learning Award.  Judges said:

“VIC has taken the concept of mobile learning to the next level by giving all employees (and their families) an automated A.I. coach in their pocket 24/7, that is also a subject matter expert on over 250 topics! What’s more. it can integrate with the organizational culture, best practice, recruitment, induction, performance reviews and succession planning.

“VIC solves problems instantly and turns feedback into 1-Clickology links straight to content, so closing skills gaps in just moments not months. This gives better solutions faster, before they grow, and gets more done in less time – so boosting performance in brand new ways and changing lives at a human level.”

Peter said:

“I am delighted and proud to accept the Mobile Learning Award on behalf of the VIC team.  We’ve focused on delivering a multi-platform mobile learning experience, with users able to access support and learning via PC, Tablet and Mobile, but also via WhatsApp, Email and even over the telephone.

“We couldn’t do this without our team and it’s great to see them recognised with such a prestigious award.  Thank you.”

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As well as corporate deployments, the company are offering individuals a personal version of VIC’s award-winning soft skills coaching resources, you can access it here.

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