The London HR Connection is delighted to welcome the CEO and HR Director from the UK’s leading provider of care home management and consultancy services to our next free of charge webinar to discuss some of the key people and performance issues they are managing right now and that are common across many industries today.

In light of the pandemic, the spotlight has been shining more than ever on frontline key workers – including the NHS, the care sector and many others – and, whilst it has always been challenging for frontline businesses to operate successfully and commercially, COVID-19 has made it doubly difficult.

Some of the many issues that Tony Stein and Vicky Cutter will explore in this interactive webinar will include:

  • Where have all the essential workers gone? Brexit has led to a significant reduction in the flow of EU workers into the UK which has hit sectors such as healthcare, hospitality and retail particularly hard
  • Making ends meet. The main pressure points for CEOs in low margin/low wage businesses including resourcing and retention challenges, sickness absence (including COVID-19, stress, etc)
  • Attracting the best talent in a ‘non-sexy’ environment. Getting the proposition right and rewarding people for their values and not just in monetary terms.
  • Ever increasing regulatory compliance. Driving the need for higher staffing levels and greater skill requirements, increased training costs and the impact on future business growth, sustainability and operating models.


You can sign up for this event here: Life on the frontline – lessons from a CEO – London HR


HCMS provides professional management and turnaround services to a range of clients from investors to banks, operators to insolvency practitioners and has operated some of the most difficult care homes successfully transforming them into valuable trading businesses. Currently managing over 3300 beds, HCMS is

unique to the consultancy sector in having not only the expertise to identify problems but in employing the full suite of experienced and qualified resource in-house. The company provides a total management solution, interim management, pre-investment appraisals and financial forecasting for those in the care sector who require a reliable and scalable head office solution.

Timings for this interactive online webinar:

Thursday 15th July 2021

4.30pm – 6.00pm including q& a

A zoom link will be issued one day before, one hour before. If the link does not appear as scheduled, please do check your junk mail.

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