Gympass – the world leading corporate wellness platform – is urging UK bosses to actively encourage their staff to ‘find their fit’ on National Fitness Day, Wednesday September 22, 2021.  This annual event falls mid-week, meaning that employers have both an opportunity and responsibility to encourage their staff to take time out to engage in physical activity.

The wealth of digital fitness solutions now available combined with fitness facilities now fully re-open, means that employees can choose to do their workout virtually or in person, at home or near the office.

“It really doesn’t matter what people choose to do, when or where they choose to do it so long as they are active during their workday,” says Luke Bullen, CEO for Gympass in the UK & IE. “We know that productivity is directly related to a sense of wellbeing, so taking time out to exercise makes perfect business sense.

“Maintaining physical activity has a profound impact on people’s working day,” continues Luke. “Key to this is having managers leading by example and showing staff they are taking time to exercise. This, in turn, will encourage their colleagues to do the same.”

National Fitness Day 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the campaign designed and delivered by ukactive to highlight the role physical activity plays in helping people lead healthier lifestyles. Over the last decade it has helped millions of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to find or rediscover a fitness activity they love.


Fitness makes business sense

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that 118.6 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2020.  Meanwhile, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) showed that stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 17.9 million days of lost work, with musculoskeletal disorders accounting for the loss of 8.9 million days.  On average, people affected took 21.6 days off work for stress, depression or anxiety and 18.4 days off work for musculoskeletal disorders.

Knowing physical activity can positively impact physical health and mental health, it makes perfect business sense for employers to encourage their employees to make time to exercise.


Finding an activity to love

We’re much more likely to stick with exercise and activity that we enjoy with the so-called Hedonic Motivation that sees humans move towards behaviours that bring them pleasure and away from those that bring them pain or displeasure.

Gympass members are spoilt for choice in this regard having access to 2,000 fitness facilities up and down the country, and over 300 apps on its digital platform ranging from yoga to 1:1 PT and HIIT workouts to meditation sessions.

“Exercise will help people stay motivated, clear-headed and, ultimately, more productive at work,” says Luke. “It’s important that employers allow staff to set time aside each day to exercise and encourage them to commit to this like they would a meeting by putting it in their work calendar.”

Luke recommends fitting in some light exercise at the start of the workday to get both brain and body moving; a short run or brisk walk to boost circulation to beat the mid-afternoon slump and a relaxation or meditation to break up a busy day.

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