Employers looking to cascade awareness and understanding of colleagues experiencing menopause in the workplace can do so easily with the launch of the Menopause Awareness ELearning for Colleagues course. Developed by industry-recognised trainers from Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace, this very accessible 45-minute course is CPD Certified and awards a digital certificate upon completion.

Eight in 10 women of menopausal age are working and, in fact, are the fastest growing workplace demographic. Employers are increasingly aware that not only do they need to safeguard the health and wellbeing of employees working through menopause but ALL staff should be aware in order to support their colleagues experiencing symptoms in the workplace.

By helping colleagues recognise the importance of opening the conversation around menopause to normalise the discussion, employers can ensure people no longer feel uncomfortable talking about menopause in the workplace.

What the course comprises

The Menopause ELearning For Colleagues course is presented as four modules packed with advice and insight including:

  • Why we all need to talk about menopause
  • who is impacted by menopause
  • why many are uncomfortable talking about menopause
  • how we can change this


  • What menopause is and how symptoms could affect someone at work
  • how symptoms can be physical, psychological or a combination
  • the three stages in menopause transition
  • the importance of understanding and education in order to make an informed choice


  • Approaches to managing menopause
  • the importance of tracking symptoms
  • how to get accurate information to make informed choices
  • where to signpost colleagues friends or family that you’re supporting


  • Getting the right support
  • how to have a good conversation with your GP
  • the importance of talking to friends and family
  • how to have good workplace conversations about menopause

Each module ends with quick questions and summary points to reinforce understanding and the course concludes with 10 questions to test the knowledge assimilated by the learner.

Who is it for?

The Menopause ELearning for Colleagues course is designed for ALL colleagues. In this way, it can help those experiencing menopause symptoms to identify the best route forwards while arming those supporting someone working through menopause with valuable knowledge and greater awareness.

“It is only by talking openly about menopause in the workplace and providing good education that employees can learn how to manage their symptoms or support their colleagues,” says Deborah Garlick, CEO of Henpicked: Menopause In The Workplace. “We developed this eLearning for colleagues course in direct response to employers asking for a quick but effective way to cascade awareness right across their organisations. The eLearning format is accessible to all and the course can be completed in one go or broken into module-sized learning sections. The main thing is, by sharing with all colleagues, employers can encourage awareness and instil confidence in staff to seek the support they need or signpost others to find help as they work through menopause.”

Find out more about the on-demand Menopause ELearning for Colleagues HERE

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