Partners& research reveals increased numbers of employees seeking a second income, higher risks for employers, and 2023 pay review and employment expectations.

A survey undertaken by risk management and insurance intermediary Partners& has highlighted that the economic downturn is forcing many more workers to seek second (and even third) income streams away from their primary employer.

Partners& asked* 169 senior HR, Finance, and C-suite professionals – representing a combined workforce of almost 189,000 employees – if they had seen an increase in employees seeking additional income streams outside of their main employment.  More than 1 in 3 employers (36%) are either aware (17%) or suspect (19%) that their employees are now undertaking a second job in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

Only a third of employers (31%) had seen no change from previous years, with 8% indicating that their contracts of employment specifically exclude employees from working concurrently for another employer.


Steve Herbert, Wellbeing and Benefits Director at Partners&, commented:

“With many working families being exposed to unprecedented cost pressures, it is no particular surprise to find that some employees are seeking a second or even third job to help make ends meet.  Whilst that is entirely understandable, it nevertheless exposes the primary employer to potentially greater people risks.”


Employers overwhelmingly (85%) believe that there is more risk for the primary employer when employees are also working in another job.  Only 9% of employers felt there were no extra risks to their organisation.

Partners& suggests that an employee juggling two or more jobs is perhaps more likely to be distracted, tired, or burnt out.  The possibility of increased absence from their primary employment should also be considered.

Other risks include employees utilising their primary employer’s equipment and facilities whilst working in a second job, reputational risks, or even conflicts of interest between the two employments.


Partners& highlights that many employees are seeking additional remuneration opportunities as their main employment pay is not keeping pace with inflation.  The survey revealed that fewer than 1 in 3 employers (32%) are expecting to follow their usual pay awards process in 2023.  The same number expect economic conditions to reduce pay awards this year, with 16% only able to offer awards on a case-by-case basis, and 8% unable to offer awards for all employees.

A more positive finding from the research is that more than half of employers (55%) expected their workforce numbers to be higher in 2023 than last year, with just 11% expecting employee numbers to contract in the next twelve months.


Herbert concluded:

“These are economically tough times for the United Kingdom, and employers will be doing all they can to continue trading profitably whilst also supporting their workforce.

 We would certainly encourage employers to utilise all the – often hidden – tools available within their employee benefits package to support employees.  We would also suggest that the addition of a low-cost financial wellbeing support package could make a tangible difference to employees throughout this difficult period and beyond.”


Please visit the Partners& website to learn more about their full range of Wellbeing and Employee Benefits services, and their Financial Wellbeing pages for details of the impact of financial stress on employees, and our services in this area.

*The Research was undertaken at the Partners& Employment Webinar on 30 November 2022 amongst an audience of 169 senior Human Resources (HR), Finance, Payroll, and C-suite attendees representing a combined workforce of almost 189,000 employees.  The employers represented in the survey arose from a range of Private, Public, and Third Sector employers.


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